Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship nearly to all countries and we can even offer express shipping 1-4 days worldwide.

Do you know if there are additional charges by customs when it arrives?

No there is no custom duties. All drums are shipped as a presents and there invoice value is 20 eur. Also for express shipping custom duties are already prepaid.

Nest Drum

How to play?

By myself I would recommend just listen to your senses your feelings. Try to focus on how you play and how it sounds for you and for other who hear you. Of course it’s possible to play from notes, but it’s not a way how I see this instrument. I really love that with Nest Drum it’s possible to play very intuitive. So just flow with the sound and be creative, play with magnets they really expands what you can do. (If you want something more teoretic check this link maybe it will give you guidance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STnooZCMvWw )

How would it sound when played just with the hands / fingers?

When playing for myself I play just with hands it’s way more interactive, much more closer, much more controllable. The sound of course is little bit different and it requires some practise to get clear sound. When played by hands hit sound is more recognizable and it has little bit more “metal” sound. But because all my drums has dampening system metal sound is really not a big problem.

Can the little drums be played by hands as well as the bigger ones ?

Yes, this is the way how I prefer to play and recommend for other to master. Playing by hands is much more intuitive much more closer to the body rhythmics. It’s just requires some more time to master.  One small tip is to close other notes by one hand and with other hit the notes. This way you can dampen unwanted sounds- make notes sound cleaner and shorter. More info about this can be found on instrument manual.

Will the beautiful colors hold ``forever`` or will they wear off after some use?

They will stay “forever”. Oldest my instrument is 7 years old and it still has bright colors. The oxide which creates color is under strong powder paint lacquer. So if you don’t damage the lacquer oxide will stay untouched.

Will magnets wear out by tunning drum?

As long as you don’t break the magnets by hitting them strongly they will work lifetime.

Do you tune to 432hz?

By default I tune my drums to 440hz, but without any problem it can be tuned in 432hz. Just add the note to your order that you would like to have this tuning.

How much time it takes to make one drum?

It’s a question which I get quite often (: To make instrument does not take so much time as how much time takes to develop it, to organize workflow, communicate with customers, make videos about it. Also when I started to make Nest Drum it took me way more time when now, because I developed tools and processes. This video is made one year ago. Now I have way more tools and planning to have more.. But in order to satisfy your curiosity let’s say when I was making first drums it took me 3 days to make one and now it takes 3 hours to make one.

Pocket Gong

Do you need second person in order to play?

You can play alone. Just put Pocket Gong to your ears and lean forward hitting some close object or wall.

Have more questcions? Feel free to ask!