Nest Drum – custom engraving


Please write us letter inorder to comunicate for custom engravings.




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Your order will include:
1. Nest Drum
2. A pair of mallets
3. Handcrafted bag
4. Tuning magnets set

I make my instruments with a lot of love, every instrument is different and unique – hope you will feel and appreciate it.

Sound Nest is a space which encompasses variety of experimental handmade sound instruments. Covering both – acoustic and analog – sounds. Steel tongue drums are one type of instruments which are build in a far away forests of Lithuania. Every step in a process is full of attention and love to create different instruments but each tuned in a perfect harmony. The harmony which has a purpose to heal and spread the calmness to the ones who are missing it. I hope you will find that instrument which resonates your body and mind, because like different music instruments all people are in different tunes by themselves.

NOTE: I love to make my drums fire burning finish. Every instrument becomes unique in colours.